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28 Day Kick Start Challenge
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Get started today with our 28 Day Kick-Start Challenge. 
Here's What You'll Get in Your 28 Days:
TEAM TRAINING: Unlimited Team Training Strength and Metabolic sessions
NUTRITION: An individualized plan for you
ACCOUNTABILITY: We're experts at this, while keep you motivated and moving forward
MEASUREMENTS: You can't manager what you don't measure
SUPPORT: Our gym is a family and we're committed to a supportive environment, not competition
FREE PARKING: Kinda a big deal in Chicago
I'm Ready! Let's Get Started
Hear what some of our members achevied during their first 4 weeks with us:
Lost 6
Nancy L.
Lost 5
Tom W.
Lost 5
Kim D.
Lost 5
Sarah H.
Lost 5
Julie B.
Lost 5
Arleenn D.
Lost 7
Debbie K.
Lost 19
Wendy R,
Lost 7
Katie R.
Lost 5
Rebecca L.
Lost 9
Aurora G.
Lost 5
Tricia S.
The Challenge was successful for me because it required 2 things: 
ACCOUNTABILITY - I scheduled my sessions online and it went to my calendar. There were people expecting to see my in my session. 
ROUTINE - It takes 21 days to change a habit or create a new one. I needed to create a new habit of making time for my health and fitness in the mornings before my family gets up and needs my time. I made a new routine and put myself first on the to-do list.
Hurry! This offer ends soon!
Get Strated
Where is the gym?

2550 W Addison, near the intersection of Western and Addison. We have a parking lot so parking is easy!
How much is the Challenge?
The challenge starts at $39 per week. 

Do you offer a guarantee?
YES! If you're not happy with your investment in yourself, just let us know within the first 7 days of our completely results driven program and you'll get every penny back, no questions asked.
Do I have to be in shape to start working out? 
No! Many of our newest clients have not been working out at all. We make it easy for your to restart your fitness routine. 
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