A panoramic photo of the gym with a personal training session in progress.

A panoramic photo of the gym with a personal training session in progress.

How We Do It

As parents of four young children, we started Motiv Training Gym because we were unhappy with how inconvenient it had become to get and stay in shape. We love to workout, but there was always something getting in the way.

Traditional one-on-one personal training sessions were too expensive and had too much wasted time. Scheduling training sessions was a pain; how many phone calls and texts did I have to trade with my trainer to switch an appointment? And it was no fun working out at a pretentious gym anymore.


There is a better way

So we took all the best practices of fitness and got rid of everything that got in the way of getting and staying in shape.

We created a training system that can deliver personalized workouts that get results. We recruited friendly, knowledgeable personal trainers as our coaches to give you expert guidance, not judgement. We make it easy for you to find time to workout with our convenient hours. We make booking a session a breeze with online scheduling and of course a mobile app for that. And best of all, we have a community of clients that are friendly and supportive.

Our training

Our fitness coaching sessions are designed to you get everything you need: a very efficient total body workout that gets results!

First, we meet with you to discuss your health and your fitness goals. Then we design a personalized resistance-based training program to help you meet your goals.

In your sessions, we coach you in our private training gym. We show you what exercise to do next and teach you how to train safely. Your coach is always there making sure your technique is good and providing encouragement when you need it. Each class is different than the previous class so you won’t get bored.

You are not alone

Literally. We “coach” all of our clients through their workouts; we do not train our clients in a “one-on-one” setting at Motiv.  Why not one-on-one? There are many reasons:

1) It’s more fun to workout with other people — no trainer is staring at just you and your body the whole time. In our personal training sessions we train up to a maximum of 5 clients per session.  That leaves your coach enough time give you individual attention, but also to help the other clients working out at the same time. Again, we do everything for you — show you the exercise, hand you your weights, make sure you are doing it correctly and chart your progress. All you have to be able to do is count up to 15!

2) It’s more efficient to train with a small group. We can deliver the same attention that you’d receive in a one-on-one session in our small group training. Do you really need someone to stare at you for your whole session?

3) This is how professional athletes train — they are coached.  The Chicago Cubs don’t have 39 coaches, they have about 5 for all the players. We can train you safely and effectively in a small, personal group.  We are doing exercise at Motiv, not surgery!

Everyone has a reason for being at Motiv, be it losing body fat or getting back in shape. Let us help you with your reason.