Almost immediately after starting Motiv personal training, I was feeling more energy and in better health all around. My annual physical recently provided proof: since I started at Motiv, I have lost over ten pounds, and lowered my bad cholesterol by 36 points, and into a healthy range! I am delighted with these results, and owe it all to Courtney and Motiv personal training.
Jeff D
As a mom of young children, my schedule is always changing. Motiv allows me flexibility and ease when it comes to fitting in my workouts. The online scheduling is perfect and even sends me reminder emails of my upcoming workouts. The trainers at Motiv are great-the sessions are tough but fun, and I always feel like I get an awesome workout! I would recommend Motiv to any new mom looking to get rid of that “baby” weight!
Cobey S
I am a mom of 3 kids (ages 7, 5, and 3) and approaching my 40th birthday. This is the first time in my life I have ever worked out on a regular basis for a whole year and a half straight. Motiv has in a very practical manner allowed me to fit in multiple workouts a week. The online appointment schedule is very convenient and once I make an appointment I keep it. I don’t talk myself out of it! The 45 minute workout allows me to get in a workout and still run a few errands before picking up my youngest from preschool. The trainers are wonderful. I feel like I have something special for myself in my Motiv membership.
Colleen C
I love Motiv. I have been here about 2 months after taking a 6 month break from training and already I have seen changes in my body. I am stronger, I’m fitting into my clothes better, and I’m just generally feeling better. I love the trainers. They are motivating and exciting. I train in the mornings, and I get revved up for the day.
Heather K
I’ve definitely become stronger. I’ve been a runner for the past 13 years, I always thought I was in shape and strong and Motiv proved me wrong from day one. It has helped me focus a lot on my core which was very, very weak, and still needs a lot of work but after 3 months I’ve seen vast improvements. I have no back problems like I did when I was running. I had a right groin issue that I haven’t seen since improving the strength of my leg muscles as well. I think overall I’m stronger. The trainers are good and motivating. They beat you up a little bit but in a good way. I’ve walked out of here exhausted, but they push you to get better, even when you are tired and feel like you can’t do it.
Michael J
I love Motiv so far and really enjoy coming to workout. I like the flexibility of the schedule and the diversity of the workouts. The trainers are great; they all have their own unique spin on things makes the workouts enjoyable. I also enjoy that is 45 minutes long — I think you can get a great workout in that amount of time.
Previous to Motiv Personal Training, my workout experience had not been very effective and I found myself doing the same thing without any drive. The trainers from Motiv bring a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, energy and experience to working out. The variety of exercise has helped me to challenge myself in new ways.
Solange M
After having my second child, I really wanted to get my body back in shape. After a month of being at Motiv I already noticed a change in my body and now I can fit into my skinny jeans again!
Farah D
I have been working out for about 5 years before I started at Motiv. I was doing about 60 minutes of cardio a day and saw a lot of results in the beginning but have had some health set backs and cardio just wasn’t cutting it anymore. So I thought that I would give Motiv a try and absolutely love it! I get excited to workout even though I have to wake up an hour and a half earlier; it is totally worth it! It is just nice to know that you are in and out in 45 minutes and always have a great workout. I have been here for 2 months and can already see a difference. My clothes are fitting better and I could even fit into a pair of jeans that were too tight a few months ago! The trainers are awesome! When you want to give up, they are there to push you and get you through it! It is always such an upbeat atmosphere even at 6 in the morning! The trainers are so motivating and make you feel so comfortable like you are working out with one of your friends.
Kathleen H
As a new mom to my first baby, getting back into shape seemed like another chore to fit into my already hectic and tired day. Training at Motiv has proven to be the most excellent fitness situation for my new life. The online scheduling allows for me to pick the days and times for me to train that work best for my family. The trainers maximize and push me toward my fitness goals. The workout sessions are fun and challenging, and after a few weeks I have gained my core strength back and have seen results! Thanks Motiv!
Julie S
Twice a week at Motiv has made me leaner, stronger and faster. What makes it work for me is the personal attention you get from the trainers. Working within the system, Courtney knows just how hard to push me to get maximum results. Motiv is the perfect solution for the busy professional with fitness goals.
Scot H
My husband and I began working out at Motiv in March. The plan was to sign up for a 3-month session to get us ready for a race. It did just that — it strengthened my core and I had a great race, but after that, I couldn’t quit. Here we are, seven months later, still going strong. Motiv allows me to stay in great shape and be a full-time working mom.
Liane G
Jen T.I came to Motiv 10 months ago as a former marathon runner who had not worked out regularly for the past 7 years due to a knee injury. I thought that running and weight lifting were the only things that could keep me in shape. When I started at Motiv, my perception quickly changed when the total body workouts enhanced my balance, stability, strength, and muscle tone – something that running never did. I am more toned and stronger than I have ever been, and it feels amazing! After slowly getting into the routine of working out regularly again, I started to enjoy it. In fact, I became so passionate about working out that I decided to get my personal training certification! Now I am able to train and help people with their personal fitness goals just as Motiv has helped me with mine. I am extremely thankful for Motiv and all of the positive influences it has had in my life.
Jen T
It’s a comfortable setting and a good work out. The trainers are very good and motivational. I am in much better condition and able to do things I haven’t been able to do in a very long time.
Michael B
I like the convenient hours and the personal attention and I like the variety of the workouts it’s a lot of things I have never seen or done before. I like the trainers, I like the variety. I feel a lot stronger I see a lot more muscle tone.
Claire D
Motiv is great. The trainers have been amazing and phenomonal at accommodating for my injury. Very happy with the trainers. I have seen increased muscle strength.
Chris R
I like Motiv. I have been here for a year and a half now so I think that says something. I like all of the trainers. Everyone has their different style but it is nice to have the variety. I have seen some weight loss and mostly muscle tone.
Lauren C
I like Motiv a lot. I have been coming here for about a year and a half which I think speaks highly in itself. The positive social atmosphere makes the workout go by really quickly and you are almost done working out before you know it. It is always changing so its fun! The trainers are great. Everyone has their own personality. Its fun to see everyone’s different styles. I have in a year and a half lost about 20 pounds and dropped 2 dress sizes and have a lot better stamina and energy and confidence. It’s been great!
Elizabeth V
I love Motiv; I’ve had other trainers in the past that I didn’t work very well with, and everyone here has been great. It keeps me coming and has actually kept me motivated. They push me in ways I need to be pushed. I have seen changes physically, but mostly I just feel better overall. I definitely would recommend Motiv to people that I know.
Andrea G
I like the fact that I feel like I’ve been getting stronger, and that the sessions vary every time so that I don’t get bored. I really feel like I’m pushed to my absolute limit, which is awesome. The trainers are great and personable, but they can really get on you sometimes! I don’t think I would have progressed as far as I have if not for the trainers. I would definitely recommend Motiv to my friends, because I’ve actually learned to work out! I’ve always been klutzy, and it’s always been a challenge for me so I feel a lot more coordinated now!
Laura G
I really like working out at Motiv. It is a challenging work out that I could not create on my own and easily fits into my schedule. I have been coming for almost a year and have been very happy with the results. Courtney, the trainer, has been great with making any accommodations I needed while I was recovering from a previous injury.
Cathy L
I would NEVER workout with ANY kind of regularity if it wasn’t for the accountability from Motiv and the variety in the workouts. I enjoy working and chatting with my trainer, Courtney! And I like being stronger and more fit.
Amy R
I was feeling that it was time to invest in myself. After exercising consistently for 4 months now with Motiv’s trainers, I feel better, look better, and have more energy. I’m wide awake early in the morning and ready to get the day started before my kids even get out of bed. I was looking for motivation, and I found it.
Tricia L
Motiv Personal Training has been a great fitness solution for my husband and I! With our busy lives of working and raising 3 children, it had been hard to get our workouts in. Now with Motiv we are able to schedule regular appointments online allowing each of us to block out the much needed time for exercise. Motiv provides an efficient workout program that is easy to stick with. We have been able to attain and retain positive results through the challenging workouts that are constantly changing and tailored to our individual fitness goals. The trainers are terrific – they take the time to get to know each person and motivate each of us to achieve our highest fitness potential. Motiv has made working out fun for us again!
Amy and Jeff S
I think Motiv is great. It’s very motivating and supportive, and it keeps me consistent! The trainers are very nice and they know a lot. Since coming to Motiv, I definitely feel stronger, and I think I look stronger! And mentally, just knowing you’re doing something good for yourself is very empowering. I would absolutely recommend Motiv to a friend — and I have!
Julie N
I think Motiv is really good at working with my schedule, to fit me in and keep me motivated. It’s the only thing I’ve actually ever been able to stick with! And it’s fun! The trainers are great, and nobody’s creepy! You know at other gym’s you get the trainers who stare at you and yell at you, and no one does that here — they’re all very nice. Obviously you lose weight — that’s what will happen if you keep coming! Plus, I feel stronger, and I have more energy throughout the day. I already have recommended Motiv to friends!
Nick M
I think Motiv is a great facility to open to new techniques, and it’s very flexible for its clients. The trainers are excellent — they’re there to support you, to help you, to aid you in obtaining your goals, and not to act like a drill sergeant. I’ve noticed recently that my legs are lean and strong, and I look good in my jeans! I would absolutely recommend Motiv!
Jackie P
I have been with Motiv for over a year now and I am NOT bored!! That was my problem with most of workouts. I used to be an avid Spin person and felt I had to really work up a sweat in order to call it a “workout”, but the classes were the same day in and day out and I found myself going less and less because of that. Motiv has been great as it gives me a great workout and each one is different. For me that was the key to keep me “motivated” to stick with a workout plan.
Caroline P
I joined Motiv with an unusual fitness goal: I wanted to do a handstand. With their strength training workouts, I was able to do that quickly, but I have enjoyed the other benefits a lot more than meeting that goal. I love waking up in the morning to do absolutely dynamic workouts–both strength and metabolic. I am much stronger than I was and I am fitter than I have ever been. The trainers are excellent and creative, and I couldn’t recommend it more.
Amanda A
I love coming here — you get a full workout in 45 minutes, no two workouts are the same, and you’re well looked after from the minute you come in until you finish. The trainers are all excellent — always happy to show you an exercise over and over again until you know what you’re doing. I’ve lost about 25 pounds since I’ve started. My conditioning and energy levels are the best they’ve been — and I’m in the best shape I’ve been in — in about 15 or 20 years. I would absolutely recommend Motiv to other people
Barry M
As a mom of young children, my schedule is always changing. Motiv allows me flexibility and ease when it comes to fitting in my workouts. The online scheduling is perfect and even sends me reminder emails of my upcoming workouts. The trainers at Motiv are great-the sessions are tough but fun, and I always feel like I get an awesome workout! I would recommend Motiv to any new mom looking to get rid of that “baby” weight!
Cobey S.
Motiv has been exactly what I hoping it would be. I started about 11 weeks ago and have lost 14 pounds through exercise and diet and working out on my “off days.” All the trainers have been great with helping me, but are also great about making sure I don’t slack off when I workout early in the morning — they hold me accountable.
Meghan T
I started working out at Motiv to get in shape for my wedding. I just got my wedding pictures back and my arms look amazing! I look and feel great. Working out in the morning really helps me get through my day. The trainers at Motiv are awesome and very motivating. They help me get through my workouts when just don’t feel like working out at all.
Simone C
Motiv has given me many reasons to look forward to my workouts. The people here, clients and staff alike, give me a sense of camaraderie and make my coming here fun. Since the workouts are always different I am constantly learning new things to incorporate into my own workout routine. I am proud to say I have lost 30 lbs!
Claire A
Working out at Motiv has vastly improved my golf game over the past six months. I am happy to say I shot my best round in 10 years last Saturday!
Jennifer B
Women my age (61) need strength and weight bearing exercise to prevent osteoporosis. Since starting the Motiv program in December 2008, my bone density score has improved. I feel stronger and more fit. The personal trainers challenge me to do more, and it’s working.
Linda K
If you were to tell me 4 months ago that I had signed up for a year-long commitment of working out every week and that I’d be delighted about it – I would’ve told you that you were highly mistaken! Yet, here I am. Without the accountability of my training sessions and without the varied workouts (I’m 3 months into this and they’re still making up new ways for me to get on, get off, move around these balls), I would not be doing this. I gave birth to my second child 5 months ago and I’m in the best shape of my life. Thanks Motiv!
Amy R
I decided to try Motiv personal training to get in shape for my up-coming wedding. I couldn’t be happier with the results so far! After two short months, my clothes are looser and my muscle tone has greatly improved. The workouts are convenient and effective, which fits perfectly with my busy schedule.
Brigid H
My experience with Motiv Personal Training thus far can be condensed into one word: successful. I play several roles on a daily basis: employee, teacher, wife, board member, dog owner, etc. as many of us do, and I rarely take time to focus on myself. One of the reasons I fail to give myself that time is because I generally do not have many minutes left over at the end of each day. I put working out and general health on the back burner. I had officially become one of those women who let herself go. I knew that the only way I could accomplish my fitness goals would be to get a personal trainer. Big gyms intimidate me because I do not like to be watched by the masses when I work out. Private studios cost an arm and a leg. I was overjoyed to discover Motiv is the perfect combination of the two; boutique atmosphere where I tone my extremities; not use them for payment. My husband and I go to Motiv three days a week for a little less than an hour. This is the first time that I have been able to schedule a workout before work without feeling rushed. We are able to incorporate exercise into our life without having to sacrifice in another area. Within these two short months I can happily say that I have gone down two sizes! As I said before I would sum up my experience at Motiv as successful. I have successfully incorporated exercise back into my life without sacrifice. I have successfully made progress with my areas of weakness. I have successfully dropped two sizes in two months. I have successfully started the path to reclaiming my healthy self.
Lindsay M
Over the past 15 years, I have worked with several trainers in Chicago and the results I have achieved at Motiv Personal Training have been the best by far.I leave the studio feeling worked to my limit. The trainers are encouraging and energetic and each session is different, all of which keep me coming back.I have highly recommended both the Motiv Personal Training staff and facility to all my friends and family who have been interested in improving their physical and mental well-being.
Juli M
It’s a great workout every time I come. It’s ease to schedule. The trainers are great and encouraging.
Jeff U
I love the convenient location and hours. The trainers do a great job keeping us exhausted and working toward our fullest.
Bill K
I really enjoy working out at Motiv and have learned a lot about the importance of strength training. The trainers are very helpful and encouraging. After a few months of hard work, my clothes fit better!
Rachel T
I really enjoy the workouts here at Motiv. One of my favorite results I’ve seen is that I can finally do “real” push-ups now. Multiple push-ups. I couldn’t do that before. I’m actually excited to be able to do push-ups now.
Barbara S
I was referred to Motiv by my sister and a friend. I’ve been working out here for about 6 months and I’ve seen great results in the shape of my body and the percentage of body fat lost. The trainers do care about everyone and they are always there to help and guide you through the workouts. Motiv also has a very helpful newsletter with healthy tips and recipes. I’d recommend Motiv to everyone I know.
Renata S
I’ve always had a problem consistently working out. Since Motiv makes working out easy and a lot fun for me, I’ve been regularly working out for over a year now.
Jeff S
I started working out at Motiv when my baby was 7 weeks old and I’ve lost 16lbs and 2 sizes since then. It’s great to see the progress I’m making. I haven’t just lost weight, but I’ve gained lean muscle and now I feel fit and toned inside and out.
Lara C
I am a cardioaholic – if it doesn’t involve a treadmill or a spin bike, I’m not interested. Yet, I consistently hear that strength training as THE key to sustained weight loss. So when my old cardio “tricks” stopped working, I explored the world of personal training to help me learn the exercises and get the results I wanted. My attempts with trainers were short-lived; I couldn’t stick with them long enough to see results… They were either insanely expensive, difficult to arrange schedules with, or a bit boring – or all of the above! So when a friend referred me to Motiv I was beyond skeptical. I went in for my “test-drive” and the next thing I knew, I signed up for 3 month… then 6 months… and now 12 months! The atmosphere at Motiv is exactly what I was looking for – fun and upbeat with a fantastic workout. They include a mix of exercises that get your heart rate going and truly challenge your abilities. They mix it up and always have a new routine – each challenging my muscles in a new way than before. I can now do jumping lunges with ease and have friends comment on the muscles in my arms! As a busy person, the on-line, flexible scheduling is crucial and one of the key reasons I was able to commit to a year of working out twice a week! Plus, everyone who works out and works at Motiv is awesome; fun, encouraging, and friendly, which makes working out (dare I say?) fun!
Rebecca D