We train elite athletes ages 14-19 years old. Based on the Training for Warriors system, we train with singular goal of athletic development and love of physical activity. This is what training should be — focused on developing the total athlete rather than a single sport specialist.

For teenagers, coaching will be more technical, enabling the athlete to learn how to train both as part of a team and individually.Soccer Athlete

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Summer Athlete Training (ages 14+)

Do you want your child to be the best at age 18? Are you ready to take the next step in your child’s athletic development?

We coach in a team setting so your athlete can learn how to strength train safely and effectively. Our emphasis is developing the fundamental movements (squat, split-squat/lunge, deadlift, pushing, pulling) before adding load. All loading is done in an age-appropriate manner and all strength training is supervised by our coaches.

  • Enhance strength, fundamental athletic skills and performance
  • Strength Training, Speed Skills, Jumping,  Flexibility, Injury Prevention, Sportsmanship
  • Supervised Strength Training is the core of this program

July 7th to August 18th. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30am to noon. Other training times will be available.

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Chicago Mustangs Youth Basketball

Chicago Mustangs Youth Basketball TrainingWe are proud to partner with the Chicago Mustangs. The Chicago Mustangs is youth basketball organization that provides quality fundamental basketball instruction as well as teaching and developing life skills on and off the court within the team concept.

Training discounts are available to Chicago Mustangs athletes.